The best City in Morocco- Laayoune

Hey travelers! You may think you have traveled enough, but this article will open up one of the best places to travel. It will reoccur your traveling cravings. We would be covering and everything regarding Laayoune city in Morocco including its brief history, shopping, and best places to visit. 

Laayoune is situated on the northern side of Morocco, and it has awe-inspiring things to experience. It is one of the oldest cities in Morocco. It was the capital of Morocco after the year 1976. Life at Laayoune is comfortable and relaxing with all the beauty it has around. It is very attractive and fascinating to tourists around the globe. Its highly developed infrastructure, natural sites, and fast transport and communication make you wonder about having a peaceful life. 

Let’s go ahead so that we can discuss with you every possible thing about Laayoune City.

Brief History of Laayoune:

It is situated on the northern side of Morocco, and it is one of the oldest imperial cities in Morocco. Millions of people live here, and in the past, the Arabs, Romans, and Phoenicians have been a part of this historic city. 

It has historic Royal Palaces too, which denotes that it had a central power over the other as the kings lived in here. 

This city is still very crucial as it is the capital of Morocco. It has been a site of attraction and attention for millions of souls, and still, it is the center of attention in Morocco. Tourists must come to visit the old heritage this city is still carrying with it.

The weather of Laayoune:

The beautiful city of Laayoune is lying at 73m above sea level, which is helping it with a moderate climate, but you must know that this city has a desert climate, which makes it more worthy of rainfalls. There is very little rain during the whole year, and the temperature would need you to have summer clothes all along the year. 

So, you might have heard that there is always something good in everything. The excellent point about the little rainfall during the whole year means that you can comfortably plan your outdoor events and celebrate them under the sky without going through the frustration of whether it will be possible for you. 

The weather is also very helpful in making you wear all your skirts or shorts without getting red skin out of the cold. The weather is very comfortable to enjoy your vacation time in Laayoune. Also, this city doesn’t confirm people to wear a particular kind of dress. You can freely take any light and comfortable stuff with the desired design with you for having an excellent and yet fashionable time in Laayoune. 

Tourism in Laayoune:

Morocco has been on the top list for international tourism. It has the best things to offer to tourists. Almost every city in Morocco has something unique and entertaining to offer you. If you ever get the chance to visit Morocco, you must visit its city Laayoune, the one we are discussing here in detail. Laayoune is very famous for its tourism. It is the priority of almost every tourist who plans to visit Morocco. 

There is a list of great places and hotels and other activities in Laayoune which can help you with one or two weeks of vacationing here. It is very versatile regarding its tourism. Almost every kind of people come here, and they are being offered with their various tastes about the place and entertaining activities.  

We will list everything related to tourism in Laayoune to help you with every detail you need to have about this old city of Morocco. 

Best Places to visit:

There is a long list of places to visit in Laayoune that you may find on the internet, but we have gathered the list of the best places after in-depth research and reviews by tourists so that we can help you with the best sites and you enjoy each of them during your vacation in Laayoune. 

Following is the list of the best places that you must visit in Laayoune:

Blue Gate of the Fes:

The blue gate in Laayoune is the first exciting place, so you should start your visit with it. This royal and grand gate was made to stand in the year 1913. It has very high-quality artistic tiles all over it. The material is immensely draped with the artistic hands of art. Its beautiful colors attract almost everyone who comes here. 

This beautiful and grand doorway separates between the symmetry of two entities. One is the past, which has been represented by portraying different forms of art in different colors, and the other one is the modern era by representing the contemporary age. The beautiful symmetry is mesmerizing. The beautiful wall art is also attention for international photographers. 

The visitors here always admire the peace and tranquility this fantastic place has. 

Royal Palace:

The royal palace is another excellent historical piece that you must visit while you are visiting Laayoune. This place has terrific iconic backgrounds for photography and videography. Its massive gates are the most famous structures it has. 

It has been established since the establishment of this city. It belonged to the king of Morocco. Other than its beautiful gardens and artistic walls and rooftops, it has government official offices too. 

This palace is now the leading site for the attraction of the tourist. It represents a rich glimpse of Morocco’s history and culture. 

Medersa Bou-Inania Laayoune Morocco:

If you have been a classic architect fan, you must visit this fantastic architectural site in Laayoune. It represents the old historic Moroccan architect wealthy with knowledge worldwide as it was founded as a school in the thirteenth century. 

Morocco has always been very famous for its architects, so this place can be the best choice for you if you want to get the best taste of Morocco architecture. Besides getting the architect’s information and experience, this place also provides visitors with a feeling of peace. It helps you to admire the old artful hands through immense colorful work of art and architecture. 

Desert Tour:

We have already mentioned the desert climate in this beautiful and peacefully dry city. Hence, we suggest that you go to the desert site to experience its warming heat at noon and fresh air in the evening. 

You may plan camping in the desert with a little bonfire and some B.B.Q of fish and chicken. It can be the most fantastic experience that you can have while visiting Morocco. 

Things to Do in Laayoune Morocco:

Well, this city is versatile, and you can enjoy each second that you may spend here. It has a great history, which makes it curious and exciting to know. We are listing down some of the best things you must do while you are in Laayoune. 

Cooking classes and cultural interactions:

Moroccans are born with a vibrant culture, and they have a rich history of cooking the most delicious and healthy food around the world. The best thing about the food is that it is effortless to cook, so you must plan a few cooking classes to learn about delicious and healthy food recipes. 

A tour to Arab, Phonecian, and Roman culture:

It would be best if you visited the historical sites that embed Moroccan and Arab, Roman, and Phonecian cultures in them. 

The best historic sites to get a few glimpses of this place are Meknes, Volubilis, and Moulay Idriss. The place doesn’t acknowledge the historical architect and art in preserving the culture, but they also help you with an underlying peace and tranquility experience. 

The tourist also gets to capture some of the best photographs with these fantastic places’ historic wall arts and architects. 


One of the best things we can recommend you do in Laayoune is to do a good shopping. If you are coming to this city, you must come up with some extra money to help you with shopping. This place is full of its traditions, and they are excellent to buy to add color to your home interior. 

They are also very famous for dyes and colorful clothes. You must know good stuff with a rich color to help yourself with a forever living memory of Laayoune Morocco with its culture embroidered over it. 

Try traditional Moroccon breakfast:

Morocco is famous for its healthy food, and a healthy breakfast is the best option you can choose. A traditional Moroccan breakfast includes olives, eggs, a bean soup, bread served with honey and butter, and mortadella, which is a blend of chicken and beef meat with delicious sausages and barrier types of pancakes and Harsha, which includes traditionally cooked omelets. 

This traditional Moroccan breakfast will put you on a relaxed stomach and a healthy metabolism. It is the best energizer for you to visit several sites in Laayoune in one day. 

Best Hotels in Laayoune:

One of the vital things to be careful of is the hotel that you choose for your vacations. If your budget is low, you get a significantly less facilitated place to stay, but this doesn’t mean that the right places aren’t possible in your low budgets. All you have to do is a little research, but you will be getting the best names in your budget as we have listed down here the best hotels in Laayoune to stay in your small budget. Following is the list of the best hotels where you can stay while you are visiting Laayoune.  

Riad Mazar Fes Hotel:

It is on the top of the list as it provides you with the best services and the best offers. First off, you don’t have to pay any reservation charges while coming here. So, you can easily book it before coming here. It will leave you to relax before entering the city. 

It is famous for its utter cleanliness and the heart touching infrastructure with embellished furniture. The hotel itself is offering the visitors a spectating site. Your stay here makes you comfortable, fresh, and lively. 

Fes Marriott Hotel Laayoune:

It is one of the best choices if you are found for a fresh vacation. It has the extra-ordinary five stars services to offer its customers. 

The best thing is its outdoor swimming pool where you can enjoy a whole sunny day or some fresh air at night. It is mostly booked by couples to have the best experience of their honeymoon. It has a gym too, so you don’t have to worry about doing a regular workout. 

Ibis-Fes Hotel:

It is another best option to stay in Laayoune. It has a very refreshing air as it has tall trees at its opening, and it is surrounded by gardens to help you enjoy some walks and greenery. 

It has many restaurants around so you can try on several different foods. The air-conditioned rooms with modern tub washrooms make your experience more exciting and entertaining during your vacations in Laayoune. 

Menzeh Zalagh 2 Boutique Hotel and Sky Laayoune Morocco:

This hotel can make your experience more versatile. It is located in the city center and has a four-star standard. The rooms are air-conditioned, and the baths are very well equipped with comfortable bathing tools. The best thing about this hotel is that it has a wine bar, a nightclub, and a restaurant. All these things make it more exciting to stay here. 


Laayoune city in Morocco is one of the best places that can make your vacations worthwhile in Morocco. It is full of rich Moroccan culture and history same as Marrakech and Casablanca. Visiting this dynamic place can help you know a lot about Moroccan art, architecture, and history. 

The sites represent the old golden time, and more than that, they help you have peaceful and enjoyable traveling experiences here. 

It would be best if you visited this beautiful city at least once in your life.  

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